Is Your Borehole Water Too Salty?

17 November 2021
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If you are looking for a way to reduce your dependence on main waterlines, one option that you could consider is creating a borehole. Taking water from a borehole can be a highly effective long-term solution. Meeting your water needs by digging a borehole will provide you with plenty of water, but the water from the ground may need further treatment before being used on your property. Without treatment, the water could be dangerous for you or your stock to drink. Read More 

Five Free Things You Can Do to Improve the Indoor Air Quality in Your Office

26 August 2016
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Indoor air quality has a direct impact on your workers' productivity, and there are several things you can do to improve the air quality of your office. However, some of them require you to spend money. Don't want to spend any money? Here are several free things you can do: 1. Encourage employees to put plants in their cubicles. Some plants have prolific air cleaning abilities, but every plant has at least some effect on the quality of indoor air. Read More 

Air Conditioning Tips For a Large Home

15 August 2016
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If you live in a large home, you might find it difficult cooling off all of the rooms necessary without an insanely high energy bill. Here are some tips for keeping your home cooled off even with its larger size. Have Central A/C Installed First of all, while there are many different types of air conditioners, central air conditioning is usually recommended in a large home with an open floor plan. Read More 

Moving to a home with a septic system? Here is what you need to know

29 July 2016
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When you move from a home with a sewer system to one with a septic system, it can take a little adjusting. While many things are the same, such as certain items you shouldn't flush down the toilet, other things can be a little different. Here are some things you need to know when moving to a home that has a septic system. You Have to Be Careful With Laundry Read More 

What Are The Chemical Processes Involved In Waste Water Treatment?

25 April 2016
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Water is perhaps the most valuable natural resource that human beings have at their disposal. This helps to explain why the modern being seems to be fixated on matters related to the conservation and recycling of water. Recycling of waste water is often done through the use of various chemical processes. Below is a discussion on three of these processes for the benefit of environmental specialists in training. Coagulation Coagulation refers to the introduction of chemicals known as coagulants into colloidal waste water. Read More